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5 Reasons To Hire A Christian Family Lawyer:

1) As a Christian Family Lawyer, I never advocate divorce as the first solution to one's marital problems.

2) Unlike some other attorney’s who may quote you a low price and promise you the moon and the sky, as a Christian Attorney, I charge you a reasonable fee that is competitive with other attorneys in my geographic area. As a Christian Attorney, I provide you a realistic view of your case and ensure that no stone is left unturned in making sure you receive everything and anything you are entitled to under Ca Family Law.

3) Held to the highest ethical standards of a practicing Christian, I provide accurate billing for all services done on your case.

4) As a Christian Family Law attorney, I can provide you with several resources to assist you with the emotional aspects of your dissolution case within a large framework in the Christian community.

5) I will not judge you for your actions or treat you differently regardless of your faith or lack thereof. Many great Christians now were once some of the wildest bunch prior to finding their faith. I am of course no exception to that rule as can be read in my personal profile.

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